Tuesday, October 5, 2010

End Of State

written by Neesa Hart

This is a wonderful book written about millions of people vanishing off the face of our planet all at once, leaving the rest of humanity wondering what has happened to them and why. One of the main characters in this story is named Bradley Benton, whose wife and kids have vanished. Brad works close to the President Gerald Filzhugh, as his spiritual adviser. Brad realizes that the rapture has come to pass once he finds out that his family was among the ones who vanished. He remembers the faith that his wife and kids had, and he realizes that just saying you are a Christian and actually being one are two different things.

Another character, Rev. Marcus Dumont, also realizes the disappearings were a result of the rapture. However, he didn't go to Heaven because he blamed God for the loss of his wife.

And then there's Mariette Arnold, who works for FEMA, and is worried about her son Randal who left college and is trying to get to her. All this sets the stage for a wonderful story, and a gives us a lesson that we should learn and share- that no matter what the future holds we will always have God's promises. And we should keep God's word close to our hearts

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