Saturday, October 30, 2010

Living Life In The Zone

I have read a lot of devotional books in my time- some on my own and some with my wife . But nothing has sent me on a spiritual journey like I have with reading "Living Life In The Zone". This is a must read for any man who is planning on having a family or who has one. This 40 day-day journey in discovering a fulfilled life the way God has intended us to have.This book lists everything from putting God first and a saying like "True Happiness is found only in Jesus and in his word. We are to be a part of the fallen world but not controlled by it". We really need to stop and take time to to see what is important to us and what happiness really is. This book helped to open my eyes to that. And there are many selections. They range from loving your wife and building her up, there is one for the kids, about friends, about work, about dealing with daily stress. Each selection has a thought of the day ,the coach's corner,the game plan,play makers,time out, and Today's Assignment. This book is well thought out and written for any man from any walk of life to pick up and read. This is a must have for any man to read over and over again, because you will always take something away from it no matter how many times you read it. This book is now part of my daily Devotions .

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